Born in Munich, Germany (Army brat),  Randall Lee has lived in many places including; Germany, Virginia,
Maryland, New York, Florida, Texas, Okinawa Japan, Wyoming, Arizona, Nevada, and Indiana. After graduating
high school he served ten years in the United States Air Force (where he won awards for male vocalist and
vocal musical group).  In college Randall Lee majored in Music-Theory & Composition and minored in Cinema
at the State University of New York. He has earned a Technical Certificate in Design Technology and an
Associate of Science in Visual Communications at Ivy Tech Community College (Ft. Wayne, Indiana).
Performing in Japan, New York, Wyoming, Florida, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Indiana  Randall Lee has
performed with many bands as a "Front man" in various genres to include; Country, Rock, Blues, and
Alternative/Americana. His band "
The High Court" has always delivered performances that (even in club
venues) are equated to concert level and quality.
Original songs have always been a part of the music of Randall Lee, and he is currently a BMI  Writer and
Publisher. His debut CD "
Two From the Suitcase" was recorded and released (2007) through the Ranluron
Label (BMI). The promotion of this CD included distribution to hundreds of radio stations nationally and
internationally. The second song "
90 Degrees"  currently has 20,185 views on YouTube and has held the #1
position on various Internet music sites. Randall Lee's latest single release (6.7.8.) was recorded and
released in December of 2015. It is currently on 60,000 TouchTunes jukeboxes nationally.

Randall Lee's latest efforts are with recording and releasing not only his original music, but a few of his
favorite cover tunes as well. Look for these releases and add them to your favorite play lists!!!
Randall Lee - Singer/Songwriter/Musician
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